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GTN™ 635Xi, GPS/COMM/MFD for Experimental Aircraft

GTN™ 635Xi, GPS/COMM/MFD for Experimental Aircraft

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Supporting multiple inputs, the 4.9” display can put moving maps, terrain, traffic2, weather2, airport diagrams and more at your fingertips. Use the on-screen QWERTY keyboard or traditional concentric knobs to enter frequencies, waypoint identifiers, routings and more. In dual GTN Xi installations, remote tuning capability lets you tune frequencies on both units from either navigator. A Radios page displays all selectable Comm and Nav frequencies (active and standby) plus their volume levels. Available Telligence™ voice control technology helps reduce pilot workload by responding to hundreds of spoken commands with the press of a button on the yoke2. The unit’s dual concentric knob controls now offer quick access to select pages. The outer knob can cycle through as many as 9 custom-assigned pages, with the inner knob supporting functions such as zooming or scrolling on the page displayed.

SKU: 010-01998-01
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