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GSB™ 15 for Experimental Aircraft

GSB™ 15 for Experimental Aircraft

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The dual-port GSB 15 offers multiple charging options. The dual USB Type-A GSB 15 charging hub features Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology and can deliver up to 18 watts of power to each USB port simultaneously. If you have a newer portable device, including iPad Pro tablets from 2018 or later, the GSB 15 dual USB Type-C version offers up to 27 watts — enough to power two tablets or similar smart devices while also charging their batteries1. It also includes USB Power Delivery technology to provide optimal charging to every connected device. You can even choose a version that offers one of each type connector for maximum flexibility. With any option, there’s built-in protection against circuit and temperature overloads. Plus, configurable halo lighting on the plugs makes them easy to locate and access in a darkened cabin or cockpit — and the dual USB Type-C and USB Type-A/Type-C versions even have dimmable lighting

SKU: 010-02201-10
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