Evolution Synthetic Vision (PFD)

Evolution Synthetic Vision (PFD)

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Evolution Synthetic Vision, or ESV, is a field-loadable software upgrade for the Evolution Flight Display System. When selected on the flight display, ESV replaces the traditional blue-over-brown background of the legacy attitude indicator with a real-time, computer-generated 3D view of terrain, obstacles, and traffic** for the utmost in pilot situational awareness. ESV uses three and nine arc-second resolution terrain data to provide a crisp, clear depiction of the terrain.

Unique to Evolution Synthetic Vision is the ability to customize the display layout to suit individual preferences, including the flexibility to toggle different fields of view, narrow or wide, to best suit the phase of flight. The wide field of view is suited for enroute, while the narrow field of view is best for zooming in on the approach environment. Evolution Synthetic Vision can also be displayed in any of the available window configurations—full screen, split screen, or thumbnail layouts—and on the Primary Flight Display, the Multi-function Flight Display, or both.

Aspen’s ESV also has a built-in Terrain Warning System (TWS). Combining the use of synthetic vision terrain coloring, flight path marker coloring, caution and warning text annunciations, and a cockpit terrain audio warning signal, the Terrain Warning System alerts the pilot when terrain or obstacle conflict is imminent. For operations in the terminal area, the TWS employs intelligent alerting logic that suppresses alerts for terrain proximity that is expected and normal during this phase of flight, minimizing nuisance alerting and further increasing safety and reducing pilot workload during critical phases of flight.

Evolution Synthetic Vision includes all of the features aircraft operators expect of synthetic vision systems, including 3D terrain and obstacles, unusual attitude guidance, distance line and range marker, 3D dynamic traffic display, flight path marker and flight director symbology. These display elements are all designed to interact dynamically and intuitively to give the pilot the most accurate positional and situational awareness.

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