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Evolution Backup Display (Advanced)

Evolution Backup Display (Advanced)

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Versatile Glass Backup for Your Primary Instruments

You’ve transitioned to glass, why be forced back to mechanical instruments in an emergency situation? In the event of losing your primary glass panel to a power failure, the Evolution Backup Display delivers primary instrument functions — and more — including Angle of Attack and Synthetic Vision (Advanced version). It comes standard with a large capacity emergency power source providing two hours of continuous operation.

The Evolution Backup Display is a fully digital, independent flight instrument display that replaces all traditional mechanical backup instrumentation. Built to compliment existing non-Aspen glass cockpit solutions, the Evolution Backup Display is exceptionally easy to use and is built from the same robust, feature-rich platform as the popular Evolution Flight Display System.

Aspen’s Evolution Backup Display features an intuitive, easy-to-read interface. It replaces traditional steam gauge backup instruments and their associated vacuum system with a fully-integrated digital EFIS.

The Evolution Backup Display is designed as an easy-to-install drop-in replacement for mechanical instruments. It features exceptional compatibility and works with the avionics already in your panel. Available in Basic and Advanced versions, you can choose the option that fits your needs and budget.

SKU: 920-00010-003
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