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The EFD1000C3 Pro PFD meets the Level B software assurance levels required for FAR Part 23 Class III aircraft. The increased safety, reliability and functionality of the Aspen system are now available to operators of piston and turbine aircraft between 6,000 and 12,500 pounds. The Evolution system is the most affordable and flexible digital solution for owners and operators looking to upgrade larger, often fleet-based, aircraft to a glass panel.

The EFD1000C3 Pro PFD gives you all the tools you need to fly safely and easily in instrument conditions, at a breakthrough price.

Built upon a robust, solid-state technology platform, the EFD1000C3 Pro PFD has features such as integrated GPS Steering, digital HSI with dual bearing pointers and moving map. Aspen is also offering Evolution packages that bundle Multi-function Flight Displays (MFDs) with the PFD. The EFD1000 MFD and 500 MFD both support hazard awareness features like weather, traffic and Stormscope, as well as Charts and Geo-referenced Airport Diagrams. The 1000 MFD also includes fully redundant ADAHRS sensors. In the event of PFD failure, a simple push of the REV button converts the 1000 MFD to a fully functioning PFD.

The Evolution system is your solution for increased safety, improved reliability and reduced pilot workload. A key benefit for owners and fleet operators is freedom from the recurring costs of overhauling aging mechanical gyros, reducing overall operating expenses.

SKU: 920-00003-017
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