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Airframe & Powerplant Test Prep & Testing Facility

The Northwest's Aviation Maintenance School 

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Our Airframe, General and/or Powerplant Prep Courses are for anyone but we recommend you meet FAR 65.71-62.77. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has specific requirements to be eligible to take any FAA written exams. If you have any questions about your prior experience and individual goals you may still require for testing please call your local FAA FSDO nearest you. 

Make sure you meet the FAA experience requirements

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Boise FSDO

3295 Elder Street
Airport Plaza, Suite 350
Boise, Idaho 83705

Phone: (208) 387-4000 or (800) 453-0001 Fax: (208) 387-4020
Email the Office

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday–Friday

Boise FSDO requires all visits by appointment only. For appointments please call 208-387-4000.

Airframe & Powerplant Course Tuition 

*There is a $500 non-refundable deposit for each course and is required to guarantee your seat 

All-Inclusive Prep Bundle

Airframe, General & Powerplant Prep Course
All Written, Oral & Practical Exam Fees


                        Click here for a' la carte course pricing

Listed pricing will include textbooks, written exam fees & DME Oral/Practical Fees (any retesting will not be covered and due from the applicant prior to retesting). The textbooks specific to your class will be shipped to you once your deposit is received. Along with each textbook there will be a list of expectations to prepare you for your upcoming class. Please read it thoroughly and follow our guidelines to give yourself the best possible outcome. Our goal is to set you up for success when your testing day with the FAA arrives! 

Tuition may be paid by cash, cashier's check, Visa, Mastercard or by a company. We also except the AF COOL, Army COOL, ArmyIgnite, SEAP & other military funding options.

(There is a 2.9% Credit Card Processing Fee) 

Qmulus Guarantee

Qmulus Aviation Maintenance School guarantees if you fail any of the written, oral, or practical tests, Qmulus will give you additional instruction in one of our 2 seats designated for additional instruction in each class up to 24 months. You will need to contact us to see when the next available spot is open. *Any additional testing fees are not covered. 


Oral & Practical Exams

The FAA requires the written test results to be in the student's hands before an Oral and Practical examination may be given.  Therefore, in order to take an Oral and Practical examination with one of our examiners, you must bring your written score reports and your airmen certificate and/or rating application 8610-2. Your FAA inspector should give you two copies of the 8610-2 form, both bearing original signatures.  Photo copied signatures are not accepted. For our students' convenience, we have scheduled local FAA designated mechanic examiners for morning, afternoon and weekend testing. Call the school for their current exam fees.

What to Bring with you...

The only items necessary for enrollment for the A&P courses, are the 8610-2 form from the F.A.A., valid identification of a driver's license (non - U.S. students must also bring valid passport), IACRA Login Information, Textbooks, and Full Tuition. Electronic calculators are used in the classroom in some parts of the course.  If you have your own, you may bring it with you.  The school will also have extra in the classroom.   These calculators may be used in the testing room when taking the F.A.A. examination.  You will need to have a notebook for your own use.

How should I prepare?

READ, READ, & READ your textbook. Get very comfortable with any materials sent to you prior to your course.

Reference Materials:

                Quick Reference Guide

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