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Northwest Aviation Maintenance School
Get your Airframe & Powerplant Certificates

Qmulus Aviation Maintenance School is the Northwest's prep school for aviation mechanics to prepare for their F.A.A written, oral & practical exams. We're located in Boise, Idaho conveniently next to the Boise Airport. There are a variety of hotels, restaurants and shopping within a 1-3 mile radius.


Our program is a fast paced 2-4 week course. We pride ourselves in helping you gain knowledge, develop skills and ultimately pass your tests. Most of your learning will be in a classroom setting and hands-on in our FAA Certified practical testing facility. Dedicated DME's are on site to test you when you are ready. All required materials will be provided in advance. This ensures you are prepared for your upcoming course.  Reach out to us for more information, check out our Course & Tuition page or Enroll online to get started.

Why get your A&P certification? Gaining your A&P Certifications can fast track your career growth or get you started in the right spot as an aviation mechanic.


Qmulus Aviation Maintenance School is open Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
If you have any questions please call (208) 459-2360 or email

Contact us for our list of hotels with discounted rates. Hotel rates range from $97-$166
Gowen Field Lodging Accommodations for military students.


Contact us to see what course dates are available. Our courses have limited seating.
***BE PREPARED*** the 3rd week of June there is a soccer tournament that will sell out most hotels. Please book in advance if you are scheduled for those dates.

(208) 459-2360

Contact Us

What to Expect



Meet with your FSDO & obtain the required FAA 8610-2.  Reach out to us to get scheduled for your desired course(s). From there make your deposit and receive your course materials to start preparing. 


Start Your Course

All courses will be in person and hands on in our FAA certified practical testing site. Written exams have to be completed before moving forward to oral & practical exams. We will help you navigate each step of the process


Get your Certificates

After you pass all your written, oral and practical exams your DME will award you will your certificates.

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